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New media trends Airport LED transparent screens help brand high-end value
2019/7/31 15:09:58
As of 2017, there were 229 civil airports in China, and the annual passenger traffic of civil aviation exceeded 1.1 billion. The continuous expansion of the aviation audience size provides a solid foundation for the development of aviation media. Among the aviation audience, high-end consumer travelers are an important part of air travellers. Compared with other outdoor media, aviation media has an audience advantage. In the aviation media, the airport LED display has become the most advantageous media with its unique location resources and digital technical features.

1. The audience is a high-end social group

The overall characteristics of the airport media audience are biased towards the middle-aged and high-educated married groups, with higher income levels, strong consumption power, significant business background, and civil aviation as the main mode of travel. More emphasis on the improvement of quality of life, 67.7% of the audience said that the quality of goods is one of the main factors affecting their consumption decisions, 59.1% of the audience consumption decisions will be affected by brand awareness.

2. Airport LED transparent screen enhances the expected value

Compared with other types of media, LED transparent screen itself is a high-end, fashion technology product, which is easy to form a high-end media image in the audience's mind, and has a higher psychological expectation price for advertising products. Like a car, if it appears in the airport LED transparent screen, the audience thinks that the price of the model is 300,000 yuan. If it appears in the commercial street LED large screen, outdoor big-name or building LCD TV broadcast advertising, the audience psychological expectations are lower. , about 250,000. Therefore, the airport LED transparent screen advertisement can effectively enhance the audience's value perception and expectation of the product. Therefore, for the improvement of the value and image of high-end durable goods and luxury brands, the airport LED transparent screen has an advantage.

3. Airport LED transparent screen boosts brand value

If the brand image is shaped and maintained, a long-term stable advertising plan can be maintained at the airport LED transparent screen. For advertisers who want to quickly promote new products, consider placing a large number of airport LED transparent screen ads in a short period of time. Advertisers should make full use of the more stunning visual effects of transparent LED displays and attract more audiences through better advertising ideas.

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