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Development of LED display creative display and analysis of future prospects
2019/7/31 15:02:06
People have become commonplace with a single flat-panel display, and the industry is in urgent need of more creative "display art" that has attracted attention. In recent years, many sensational project cases have been born in the industry. The LED display screen has a very creative performance in urban landmark buildings, large commercial complexes, large-scale sports events, performing arts and other places, which has left a deep impression on the world and has always been popular among people. Today, the creative display leading brand Witnm Optoelectronics will discuss the development of LED display and the future prospects from three aspects: technology, market and enterprise.


In the past, limited by technology, early LED displays had only a single display information, image function. However, with the advancement of technology, especially the progress in process manufacturing, and the development of LED display control systems, LED displays have made great breakthroughs and developments both in appearance and content.

Nowadays, in technology, new technologies such as 3D display and VR (virtual reality) are being introduced into the application of LED display screens, which greatly enriches or changes the initial expression of LED display screens. Therefore, the LED display screen has also become more and more humanized from the beginning of the single passive acceptance method, and even the basic "human-computer interaction" mode can be realized. These intelligent development technologies will bring more innovation to the display. The space for display.

The creative LED display must not only have the core technology of LED display, but also enrich the artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology and experience. From the design of the product, the design of the product, to the installation and after-sales, there must be professionals. In the future, creative LED displays will be applied to a variety of applications, such as urban light sculpture, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration and so on. LED creative display is one of the important ways for the city to show its culture and personality in the future.


Compared with LCD and DLP, LED display screens are favored by consumers because of their high brightness, no pollution, seamless splicing, and unaffected by the area. In the fierce market competition, the LED screen is made up of various "creative displays" that break through the conventions.

With the development of technology, the price of conventional LED display products is gradually declining, the competition between the industries is extremely fierce, and price wars occur frequently, which leads to the continuous squeeze of profits. Such changes have had a huge impact on the conventional LED display market, which has a low barrier to entry.

On the other hand, after so many years of development in the LED display industry, the production capacity of some low-end and mid-range products has been seriously oversupplied, which has led to further deterioration of the market competition environment. In the brutal market competition, enterprises are struggling with thin ice. It is the intensification of market competition that has prompted many LED display manufacturers to use their brains in product differentiation.

From the perspective of consumers and the public, the traditional LED display is medium-sized, square or rectangular, and the display method has brought serious aesthetic fatigue to people. In this highly informationized, digital era, people are often not too interested in the sparse and ordinary things, and LED displays, especially outdoor large screens, often shoulder the heavy responsibility of information dissemination.

Therefore, in order to maximize the attention of the public, a variety of creative displays came into being, more decorative industry designers have begun to incorporate creative display into their design concepts, which will make LED display more Wide open market applications.


It is true that LED display companies engaged in creative display must have certain creativity and research and development capabilities. From the practical application point of view, the creative display is often closely related to the structure of the building, the environment and the beautification of the city. The most important feature of creative display is its “creative” performance, and the creative value far exceeds the display product itself, which has become a threshold for the industry.

In daily life, LED displays are often affected and limited by the construction of the building during the installation process. In the face of complex engineering projects, conventional LED displays are often at a loss. At this time, it is necessary to study and formulate feasible solutions according to the structure of the building and the needs of customers. From this point of view, the idea shows that sometimes it is just a "workaround" in the LED display installation process.

However, due to this characteristic of the creative display, the creative display is more demanding than the conventional display in terms of raw materials, technology and system content. It can be seen that sometimes the creative display is not just a LED display, which needs to be backed by strong financial and creative strength.

In addition, the development of creative display, in addition to the breakthrough of technical bottlenecks, system structure engineering multi-party cooperation, the most fundamental point is that the creative display can bring lucrative profits to the enterprise, as well as very good brand advertising effects.

Today, when the Internet is so developed and information dissemination is very fast, a creative and highly shocking case is obviously invaluable to the brand promotion of enterprises. It is based on this point that many companies are willing to invest huge amounts of human, financial and material resources in the field of creative display.


Compared with the traditional conventional display screen, the creative display is still a very "small" market, but with the improvement of relevant national industrial policies, the domestic digital creative industry is ushered in a broad market space.

It is understood that the digital creative industry is based on cultural creativity, design services, relying on digital technology to create, produce, disseminate and serve, to meet the needs of modern life, to lead new supply of new consumption of strategic emerging industries. The State Council clearly stated in the "13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries" that by 2020, the added value of China's strategic emerging industries will increase from 8% in 2015 to 15%. The digital creative industry will become one of the five new pillar industries with a production value of 10 trillion yuan.

In the face of such a huge market, creative display as an important part of its communication, the future will certainly usher in a faster development.


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