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Smart Interconnect in the 5G Era Multi-screen interaction into a new trend in the LED transparent sc
2019/7/31 14:57:30

At present, in the field of communication and the Internet era, 5G has become a hot spot in the industry, which will be an era of interconnection of all things. It means that AI is operating and popularizing in various fields. Traditional industries will be subverted by mobile internet, full of huge challenges and opportunities. For the LED transparent screen industry, besides the function of the product itself, how to integrate into the Internet of Things era, 5G wisdom interconnection has become an inevitable trend.

And one of the most important links is multi-screen interaction. Realizing "human screen interaction" is the main direction of intelligent development of LED transparent screen industry. With the extensive establishment of smart cities, the demand for intelligent interaction will continue to grow, and multi-screen interaction is the best proof of enhancing user experience.

Lydia Smart LED Transparent Screen Cluster Cloud Control Topology

It can upgrade traditional LED transparent screen (unlimited size and shape and material) to intelligent interactive large screen through the processing of intelligent interactive technology. Users can not only use mobile phones and PAD to synchronize multiple large screens, but also integrate multiple information sources to achieve multi-screen linkage and real-time interactive sharing. This will be a great innovation to the traditional transparent screen technology.

In short, the process of multi-screen interaction of LED transparent screens is accelerating, and the potential business is undoubtedly huge, especially in the field of LED transparent window screens, to achieve new functions of interoperability and interaction between chain stores. The trend of multi-screen interaction means that the traditional transparent display will usher in a new round of innovation and upgrading. Transparent display will be more diversified, personalized, instant and interactive.


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